“Equity-for-Service” with digital ready-to-use agreements

Great projects meet smart people.

KAPSLY is on a mission to establish resource investing as an easy and direct method to finance Startup growth.

Resource investing is a way to fund ventures directly with the resources that are needed in order to realize that project. It is the most direct way of investing and allows everyone to invest their resources, such as knowledge, skills, or materials. With the right legal documents resource investing is a very efficient option for Startup funding.

We have identified a method to fairly compensate Startup supporters and a way to effectively structure such agreements. Our marketplace integrates these features into a complete solution for resource investing.

Bootstrapping Platform
Simple method to split equity and value contributions.

Free for all bootstrapper.

Startup-Service Marketplace
Exciting projects and valuable Services come together
Digital Agreements
Templates to fix your service agreement with deferred payment and phantom share options.

Startup funding has never been easier and more rewarding

As a Startup you quickly get what you actually need to bring your project to the next stage and make it investible or revenue generating.

As a Service provider this is your chance to work on exciting projects and benefit from the real value creation.

No legal fees
Quick set-up / funding
Flexible agreements
Fair service compensation
No company valuation needed
Usable as a bridge-loan

Get funding for your venture.

For founders, inventors, start-ups, spin-offs, entrepreneurs and social projects.

Invest your resources

For business angels, freelancers, digital & media agencies, consultants, software providers and anything else that businesses need.