Our prizes help your business succeed.
We want to help promising digital health startups to get to the next stage. We strongly believe that the chances for success are much higher with the right business partners. A complementary group of agencies, business advisors, and healthcare experts came together to push digital healthcare innovation. This is a one-time chance for early-stage founders to get the resources they really need to grow their business.
Everything you need for your digital health startup.
1st place
Digital prototyping & MVP worth € 30k* Regulatory Affairs worth CHF 40k* Clinical expertise worth > CHF 5k* Digital Marketing worth CHF 10k* OVH credits worth € 25k Go-to-market + growth workshop € 4k Legal/tax consulting worth CHF 2k Access to sales training platform Financial advice of choice
2nd place
Regulatory Affairs worth CHF 20k* OVH credits worth € 15k Marketing consulting worth € 1k Go-to-market workshop worth € 1.5k Legal/tax consulting worth CHF 1.2k Access to sales training platform Financial advice of choice
3rd place
Regulatory Affairs worth CHF 10k* OVH credits worth € 10k Go-to-market workshop worth € 1.5k 2k legal/tax consulting Access to sales training platform Financial advice of choice
*services provided without cash expense but for success-based compensation, see below “How it works”
If you convince us that your Startup can really benefit from the services, we will invite you to a 1-on-1 call with Vincent, the co-founder of KAPSLY. Please prepare your pitchdeck and some general financials (estimated revenue and cash flow)., The Jury will then rate all Startups and select 3 finalists for a pitch event where the final winners will be announced.
The best services at your disposal.

Services: 1min. explainer video, Clickdummy, MVP, access to accelerator program (1st)

Value: € 30´000 for Equity

Digital Health Port is a specialized digital health accelerator with with IT and marketing services. Startups benefit from their expertise in the healthcare market and their proven process to bring new solutions to the market in a customer centric and agile approach. Besides the product development they can also provide hands on support during the go-to-market phase.

Services: Social Media, online Marketing, SEO, Webdesign, Pitchdeck (1st)

Value: CHF 10´000 for Equity

Dynesis is a young and dynamic marketing agency in Zurich. They will make sure that your great solution comes across to clients to push your business growth. They offer packages in online marketing, design, and web tailored to Startups.

Services: Regulatory compliance strategy, QMS setup (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Value: CHF 70´000 for Equity

Digital Chameleon is a Basel based strategic advisory focusing on regulatory affairs and quality management in the healthcare sector. Their portfolio includes services dedicated specifically to Startups built on a companion approach with elements of coaching, mentoring, sparring & training. With an entrepreneurial mindset & lean methodology, the journey with them starts iteratively in early stages of product development.

Services: Access to Innovation Lab, data, clinical expertise and validation (1st)

Value: CHF 5´000-10´000 for Equity

As one of the largest and economically successful hospitals the KSB has started the initiative to be at the forefront of healthcare innovation. With their Innovation Hub they provide unparalleled access to clinical expertise, data, and even money. They are a great sparring partner to make your digital health solution a success.

Services: 3x Go-to-market strategy, Growth workshop (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Value: € 7´000 for free, +20% discount (up to € 5´000)

With experience in launching businesses in over 50 markets, Expandise guides you through the challenges of entering a new market. Expandise helps you to chose the right market, enter the market successfully, and create structures. They are not just advisors but can also implement digital solutions and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Services: IT infrastructure, Healthcare certified cloud storage (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Value: € 50´000 for free

OVHcloud is a global and leading european provider of IT infrstructure with over 400´000 servers in 31 data centers. Their Startup Program gives you access to partners in their ecosystems to support your growth ambitions. OVHcloud is fully complient to all regulations in the healthcare sector and provides secure environments for the most sensitive data in healthcare.

Services: Legal/tax consulting (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Value: CHF 2´000/1´200/400 for free

Wenger&Vieli is an established law firm specialized in business and tax law. Their Startup desk helps with all legal topics and provides contracts regarding incorporation, fundraising, IP, employement law and more.

Services: Initial company valuation (1st, 2nd)

Value: CHF ~2000 for free

BV4 is a Startup consulting boutique in Zurich. The give Startups the guidance on their fundraising journey, from deal room preparation, valuation, to negotiating term sheets. On the other side they also help corporates and investors to find the right Startups.

Services: 5h marketing workshop, 5h marketing consulting

Value: € 1´000 for free, more potentially for equity

Deep Sea District has its name for a reason, they dive deep into your aspirations and values to make sure you get the most out of your communications campaign. They can help to define your brand and define a holistic marketing strategy, including your web presence, social media, to writing content, and PR.

Services: 2h accounting/tax consultation

Value: CHF ~500 for free

Fineac is a national and international fidicuary and consulting group based in Zug. Their services offer a wide span from accountaing, payroll, to tax and business consulting among others. They are an outsourcing partner for those matters and even provide a digital accounting platform.

Services: 3h business concept and finance check

Value: CHF 1´000 for free, more potentially for equity

Stephan is an experienced Entrepreneur and Manager. He helps Startups in the initial phases and can take on interim positions with a focus on business strategy and finance. He is also active as a Business Angel.

Services: 1 month free coworking with meeting possibilities (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Value: CHF ~5´000 for all places

The modern and professional coworking space for early stage startups in the heart of Zurich. The focus is on community and networking. The Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz convinces with the high digital standard, comfort and the personal support on site. Additionally, they offer 7 meeting and workshop rooms and a public coffee bar.
Jury members
All our Jury members share a passion for Startups. We have assembled a diverse group of experts who perfectly complement each other to analyse your business concept and the chances for success. However, if you are not selected do not get discouraged to pursue your passion. Besides the quality of the business concepts, our Jury will also take into consideration how much value the service providers can add to the winning Startup.
Armin Haas CEO & Founder Digital Health Port
Michael Roiss Medical Doctor and Founder of Treetop Medical
Tanja Rohark CEO & Founder Digital Chameleon
Patrick Mark Startup Lawyer and Founder jurdesk
Sandra Kobel Co-founder dynesis
Grimm Manager KSB Health Innovation Hub
Application process

  1. Application: The initial application is very straight forward. Simply tell us a bit about your project, upload a pitchdeck or send us a personal video of yourself explaining your business concept and your next steps.
  2. Interview: Once we have received your application we will ask you for a videocall to dive a little bit deeper into your project. Prepare some financial estimates and convince us with your pitch.
  3. Selection: The Jury will rate each startup and select 3-5 finalist for the pitchday
  4. Pitchday. Pitch in front of the Jury and receive your prices.
Selection criteria
The only strict criteria are that your Startup is in the digital healthcare sector at an early-stage and based in Switzerland. You also need to give your consent that you will compensate the respective service providers not with cash but in a success-based manner with either equity or revenue shares. Ideally, your Startup also provides the following:
  • Incorporated in CH
  • Complementary founder team (business & tech)
  • Proven Problem-Solution fit
  • First clients/users
  • High scalability (financial plan)
How it works
All the services are provided without cash expenses for the Startup. The Startup does not have to compensate the listed prizes with cash. As displayed above, some services are for free, without any strings attached. Some services (marked with a star*) require a success-based compensation either with equity or revenue (above, highlighted with “for equity”). The exact compensation model depends on the circumstances of the startup. The compensation terms are flexible and the collaboration will start with our Agile Service Agreement.
Agile Service Agreement:
In this contract you and the service provider define the specifications and desired outcome of your collaboration. You will collaborate in an agile manner with plan, do, check, adjust cycles. The service value will be tracked so that you have full transparency. It is defined whether the services shall be provided for free (up to the defined values) or be compensated with with revenue-shares or a company participation (service-for-equity).
At a predefined time as agreed on in the Agile Service Agreement, the accumulated service can be converted into company shares or similar. The final model depends on an individual basis. We will recommend doing it with a Virtual Participation Agreement, which means that the service provider will be entitled to a cash payout at the respective value of a certain amount of (virtual) shares at a specified event. That means the service provider is not a direct shareholder and has no voting rights. The Startup has a contingent liability towards the service provider. The parties will agree on a company valuation at the time of conversion.
Revenue-based compensation:
With a revenue-based compensation model a company valuation is not required. This model may be more attractive for Startups that do not seek external funding and achieve a positive cash flow sooner. In the Agile Service Agreement, the parties specify a certain multiple for the provided service value that should be paid back over a certain time. Depending on the forecasted revenue, a percentage is defined that shall be paid to the service provider over that period in order to achieve the targeted compensation.