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Our ready-to-use agile service agreements are specifically designed for service agreements. They enable startups to finance their business growth and provide the most simple and secure way to make contributors / service providers / business angels become lenders and later shareholders. The digital agreements are a very important instrument to close the funding gap for early stage startups and new projects that require external services. Due to its digital nature, the terms and conditions can be defined individually and the contract can be traded on a marketplace, making it the most liquid private investment product.

KAPSLY provides the first ready-to-use contract for resource investing

Find your business partners online or offline.
Simply fill in the blanks and celebrate your digital agreement.
Don’t offer shares yet, just agree on the value of the service.
The contract is safely stored in the KAPSLY wallet and can be viewed anytime.
Tradeable agile service agreements by transfer to the buyers account.
Clearly defined conversion events. Conversion at the discretion of the note holder.
Transparent & Fast
Exponentially growing
Tax optimized
Legally approved
burn rate
Invest after value creation

Agile service agreements will boost your business

Agile-service-agreements make it easy and affordable to compensate and motivate your key talents and business partners. Eligible companies can simply implement our ready-to-use notes to pay for external services. You directly pay for what your business really needs. No exhausting financing rounds and focus on your business instead. The templates have been developed and optimized in cooperation with specialized lawyers. Hence, taxes and social insurance contributions are optimized to provide the most benefits for startups and lenders.

Invest your services

Now everyone can become an investor with their own services. Here your value creation really counts. Receive high returns for your services and investments into businesses and benefit from their growth. It is the most easy and smart way to get access to and participate in a startup portfolio. Additionally, you can trade your contracts on a marketplace. We are making business funding accessible and liquid.

Invest in substantial value

Usually companies raise capital to finance value creating activities. Through KAPSLY’s agile service agreements these activities have been finished already and value has been created already. That reduces the risk for investors substantially. On top, the agile service agreements provide additional discounts on the funding round. KAPSLY combines unparalleled benefits for investors. Allowing you to invest after the value has been created (through resource investments) and receive a discount at the next funding round because of the interest on the agile-service-agreement.

How to create agile service agreements

Register and provide your business details
Register and provide your business details
Unlock the contract template
Unlock the contract template
Invite your contract partner or find one online
Invite your contract partner or find one online
Agree on the terms and celebrate the contract online
Agree on the terms and celebrate the contract online
Get agile service agreements in a few minutes.