Grow your business with KAPSLY

Make your startup investable

Our agile service agreements allow you to fairly compensate service providers and get your business to the next stage.

Agile service agreements are great for business funding. It is faster to raise money. More flexible. Provides security for investors. And it can be used as a bridgeloan.

We are applying this to a new kind of funding, funding through human resources and services. To be really successful with your business or project you need to work with the best people. We help you to find them and make them affordable for you.

KAPSLY helps you to achieve your business goals faster.

Grow your business first and then make or raise money

KAPSLY allows you to afford the services you need directly with our digital ready-to-use contracts. Before getting external funding, let service providers invest in your Startup.

The further you are with your business the higher the attractiveness and valuation. Make sure your service providers work in the best interest of your company and let them participate from your success. Pay them back when your company made or raised money or let them transfer into company shares. Your investors will thank you for it.

No legal fees
Quick set-up / funding
Flexible agreements
Fair valuation of the service
No company valuation needed
Usable as a

How does it work?

  1. Become eligible for our agile service agreements.
  2. Enter agreements with service providers.
  3. Create value, grow your business.
  4. Make or raise money.
  5. Pay back or transfer into shares.
Keep all your shares and voting rights. Increase your company valuation. Pay back with cash or virtual shares at predefined events.