Become a KAPSLY service provider

Make your services investable

Our agile service agreements allow you and your company to invest your time and expertise in exciting projects.

Agile service agreements are a smart way of investing. They provide more security due to their loan nature; favourable investment terms with high interest rates, and hence good conditions for the conversion into virtual shares.

Offer your services, goods, or licenses to startups and growth businesses. Create additional sales and benefit from the value creation.

Work on exciting projects and get fair compensation

With our agile service agreements you can help your clients to reach the next milestone, deepen relationships, generate additional sales, and utilize available resources. Due to its digital nature you can sell your agile-service-agreements to investors and benefit from your investment.
No legal fees
Quick set-up
Flexible agreements
Fair valuation of the service
No company valuation needed

How does it work?

  1. Register and create your profile
  2. Find clients and negotiate the terms
  3. Create value for your clients.
  4. Participate from the value growth.