CEO | Business Development
Based in Zurich Switzerland, Vincent is driving all business related activities. He holds a MBA from the University of St. Gallen and has many years of international experience in product management and new business development.
CTO | Back-End Development
With background in AI, banking and big data, Greg is navigating the company’s technical decisions in a storm of modern technical challenges.
Legal Counsel
Marcus has more than 10+ years of experience in advising investment funds and several companies in M&A transactions, fundraising and strategy with focus in PE and VC deals. Marcus has a Law Degree and a MBA in entrepreneurship from Grande Ecole de Management de Lyon, France
Senior Full-Stack Developer
Started building websites over 20 years ago turning it into his profession with a B.Sc. in software engineering. Found interest in the whole web development stack including the backend with databases and deployment.
System Admin
System admin with 8 years of experience in High availability Cloud environment. Makes sure everything is running smoothly.
Loves to make websites and marketplaces look beautiful. Quick at designing clickable wireframes in Figma. Not too bad to work for shares and the experience.
CFO | Digital Asset Expert
Experienced finance professional with a passion for digital assets. Knows how to manuveur new solutions through the regulatory environment. Wants to enable new funding options for startups.
Working student | Content Marketing
Lives and breaths social media every day. Student who wants to apply the theory and really have impact.